Be a “Friend”

The FOLP Board has a goal of having 200 “Friends” contribute $50 or more in annual support each year. We are close to that goal, with the average number annual donors at about 155 Friends over the past 3 years.

With your donations we are able to provide the following.

  • Landscaping & Maintenance of Perimeter Gardens.  They are not city-maintained, and volunteers need assistance from hired labor.  And to purchase plants or replace trees.
  • Work with the community and the city as plans unfold for a new Rec Center at the park.
  • Continue to work with city officials to complete the unfinished work in the aftermath of the major School renovation and construction.
  • General park maintenance the city does not do.

Donations are our primary source of revenue and we exercise discretion in terms of how these funds are used for the park. We have a very limited budget, and we rely on volunteers to help us keep costs down; and we accomplish a fair amount.

We also rely on our neighbors to volunteer their time and materials to help us achieve our beautification goals. Many of the most striking elements of the park landscape have been sourced from donors such as the Casey Foundation and planted by volunteers from our community. Volunteer gardeners have worked countless hours over the years maintaining the perimeter gardens. FOLP also organizes two Clean-Up Days in the park each year — one in the Spring and one in the Fall. We welcome your continued support and thank you for helping us in our effort to preserve the treasure that is Lafayette Park.

Become a “Friend” & Supporter. You may make a donation either by printing out our donation form and mailing a check, or you may use PayPal, clicking the button below. Your donation is tax-deductible.  Thank you!!

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